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turn your own chair into a easy to move to the table chair.  easy asembly

Royal EZ Kit for modifying chairs for ease of use

Our Price: $ 130.00
Retail Price: $ 220.00
You Saved: $ 90.00

Royal EZ Kit 
 Use this kit to modify an existing chair to make it easier to put someone up to the table or move them away from the table for re-positioning in the room.
  1. provides a sense of structure and stability (no surprises)
  2. reduces anxiety and agitation resulting from patient being pushed/shoved.
  3. provides a sense of dignity and self-worth
  4. reduces the incidence of injury.
  5. reduces fatigue and burnout as physical effort is reduced.
  6. patients are more compliant……with caregiver’s instructions
  7. provides an enjoyable structured mealtime routine. 
 Click HERE for a definitive document to know it it will fit your chair as it will not work on all chairs.  Click HERE for more information

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