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SafetySure Transfer Slide available in three sizes, improves patient comfort


SafetySure Transfer Slide available in three sizes, improves patient comfort

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SafetySure Transfer Slide Caregiver Aid

The transfer Slider's Ultra Low Friction surface allows patients to have much improved mobility when transferring, scooting, sliding in bed or using a transfer board. This reduces strain on the caregiver and improves patient comfort in transfers.

Caregivers find this to be a great assist to move, turn or transfer from chair to bed or bed to wheelchair.

The transfer slide comes in three sizes:
small (22" x 18")
medium (37" x 27") 
and large (78" x 27")

Please choose your size /model from the drop down menu above.

Available with and without padding, all at discount prices to the caregiver.  Padding is recommended when pressure ulcers or pressure points have been indicated.

The small size is good for short transfers and repositioning.  It is easiest to place, remove and carry along.

The medium size is good for medium distance transfers from bed to wheelchair, and for repositioning mobile bariatric patients.

The large size is large enough to go head to toe and provides Ultra low Friction materials for the heaviest patients. It is also useful from second bed, trolley or operating table to bed.


The Safety Sure transfer slide is placed under the part of the patient's body to be moved. The center of the transfer slide should cover the heaviest, lowest lying part so that it will lie against itself in the direction of the desired movement. In this way the transfer slide slides against its own low friction surface for the easiest transfer or movement. It has been found that placing the transfer slide underneath a draw sheet, which is then pulled over the transfer slide, is an easy method to master.

To Remove:

Hold the patient with one hand to keep them stationary. Pull on the lowest level of the transfer slide at the lowest level of the patient previously mentioned. In this way the transfer slide slides against itself internally making the removal easier.

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