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SmartCareGiver smart Chair monitor, help Caregivers keep abreast of elder activity inexpensivley

Smart Chair Monitor TL2100S with pad, PPC-WI, 1 year warranty

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Pressure Pad and Monitor for Chair

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Create a safer enviroment because the monitor can not be turned off. Easy to use Safety Reset means no on/off switch for inadvertant or clever resident turn-off.  Batteries last longer because the updated electronics system monitors itself.

The pressure pad is 15" x 10" to fit virtually any chair, recliner with lift, wheel chair or common recliner.  The Chair Monitor has been updated for small size and long battery life.  The common household batteries are easily replaceable and last up to one year, depending on use.

The pad is made from soft vinyl meeting FDA requirements and is easily cleanable. Available in three sizes for bed and chair- 15" x 30", 7" x 30", 7" x 15". Products are constructed in the USA. The pads are flexible and can be used with gel cushions for pressure ulcers therapy.  They can be used with any manufacturers monitor.
All SmartCareGiver Monitors will now be using the 1/4" jack plug instead of the 3/8" jack plug.  This makes them compatible with all manufacturers pads.  Similarly all pads will now be equipped with the 1/4" plug that allows them to be used with other manufacturers monitors.
This discounted chair monitor solves many ongoing monitoring problems.

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