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SmartCareGiver Cordless pressure pad monitor, TL-2100G Free Shipping

SmartCareGiver Cordless pressure pad monitor, TL-2100G Free Shipping

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TL-2100G -  Cordless (patent issued)
Fall Protection & Mobility Monitor 

Summary of Device

The NEW TL2100G cordless pad, transmitter and monitor function with absolutely no cords between the pad and the monitor! The cordless pad technology (patent pending) talks to the monitor using wireless technology (patent pending).  This function has two advantages: 1. Improve safety by avoiding tripping over and trapping of cords, and 2. The alarming monitor can be placed outside of the room (up to forty feet away) from a resident so that when it alarms the resident is not disturbed by the noise.  The TL2100G cordless pressure pads for bed or chair function like normal bed and chair pressure pads, except that in place of a cord, the pads are connected to a wireless transmitter (TM-02) which is placed inside the pressure pad. (Please see the drop down menu.)   When weight is removed from the pad, the bed alarm will sound, alerting the caregiver that the resident is attempting to get out of their bed or chair.  Cordless floor mats are available for use with the TL-2100G.  Please see the drop down menu

Choose a 90 day pad or a 1 year pad. The pads are designed with this approximate life. 

This monitor also features TamperProof™ technology.  This technology is helpful in cases such as Alzheimer’s, where the caregiver needs to monitor the movement of a resident, but the resident turns off the alarm when it sounds.  When the TamperProof™ technology is enabled (monitor is switched to “Caregiver Key On” – see directions), the only way to silence an alarming monitor is for the Caregiver to pass a magnetic “key” over the red dot on the monitor.  When in TamperProof™ mode, a resident is not able to turn off, reset, or otherwise silence the alarm. Cordless Pad Technology (patent pending)

Cordless pressure pads talk to the monitor using wireless technology (patent pending). 

Adjustable Tone and volumAdjust the tone and volume on the ghost monitor with ease Safety Auto-Reset™ Button

Automatically silences and resets alarm, eliminating the risk of staff leaving the system off by mistake.(when in reset on mode) 


Caregiver Key™ (patent pending) allows only the caregiver to silence an alarming monitor. (when in caregiver key on mode) 

Low Battery Indicator

Easy maintenance for reliable performance.Updated to use 3 each AAA batteries for longer battery lifeNo On/Off Switch 

Pad Signal OK / Pad Signal Lost

Monitor continually indicates that a signal is being received from pad and the system is in good working order.  If pad signal is broken or out of range, monitor alarms and indicates signal is lost. 

0-2 Second Delay

Reduces false alarms by allowing resident to reposition before alarm sounds.


TL2100G shown with cordless remote monitoring. 

One Monitor will Work with Any of the Following:

cordless bed pressure pad

 cordless chair pressure pad


GB-50 Bed Pad with inserted TM-02 wireless transmitter, printed use instructions.


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