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SmartCareGiver EA1-SYS is a phenomenal product for that is durable and helps to hold in check chronic wanderers.

SmartCareGiver EA1-SYS floor matt system for anti-wandering

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SmartCareGiver EA1-SYS floor matt anti-wandering
System Includes:  (includes 1/floor mat, 1/alarm box and 1/small, 1/medium, 1 Large ankle strap. 


 Heavy duty, moisture sealed vinyl floor mat

 Effective monitoring for critical doorways, hallways and bedsides

 Economical monitoring solution for facilities with multiple residents Accurate Monitoring

Caregivers are alerted whenever a resident wearing an ankle bracelet moves over the floor mat.

Comfortable Ankle Bracelet

The soft, vinyl bracelet does not contain a transmitter so it is light and comfortable to wear.


The exit alarm can only be reset by the caregiver placing the Caregiver Key over the red dot – eliminating resident tampering.


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Here is a video about the bed pad click here 

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