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The SmartCareGiver 433 central monitor is great for smaller homes with less than 30 residents.

SmartCaregiver Economy Wireless Central Monitor with adjustable language, tone and volume.433-CMU, 1 to 30 residents

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433-CMU Economy Central Monitoring System (1 - 30 resident capability)

Wireless Economy Central Monitoring System 

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The 433CMU has adjustable languages, tone and volume.

The Economy Central Monitoring system alarms audibly and the display indicates which resident activated the mobility alarm, while the caregiver is notified on the pager. NOTE: The maximum wireless transmission range between  pager shown and the 433-CMU is 300 feet with all antenna on the signal bumper are fully extended. Typical monitored zone is up to 150 feet depending on construction related interference. Your construction plays a role in interference. Use with these wireless components

GCT-WI ,GBT-RI & GBT-WI, Cordless Chair and Bed Pads

FMT-07C Cordless Floor Mat

433-NC Wireless Nurse Call

433-EXT Wireless Door/Window Exit Sensor

433-MS Wireless Motion Sensor

433-PGD Pager with LCD Display  Click here for an informative video

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