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SmartCareGiver FM-03 wirless fall matt can be paired with the smart outlet to turn on a light for those who would benefit

SmartCareGiver FM-03 wireless Fall Prevention Floor Matt

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Smartcaregiver FM-03 wireless or wired floor matt for doorway or common path use 

These easy to install, weight-sensing floor mats alert the caregiver of resident’s activities by triggering a fall monitor alarm when resident steps onto the floor mat. The floor mat signals an alarm with as little as 1 1/2 lbs of pressure and can be used at bedsides or crucial doorways. When floor mats are being used as a wireless system, the floor mat triggers the Wireless Transmitter (TL-2016REV) which then sends a signal to the Central Monitor Unit (TL-2015REV), informing the caregiver of which floor mat alarm was activated. The Central Monitoring Unit can monitor up to 999 residents. An optional Wireless Alarm Light is also available for this system. Floor mats are made out of heavy-duty soft vinyl and are moisture sealed for long lasting use. “Extra Long” Floor mats are available (FM-07), designed for bedside use. 

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Product Description


Floor Mat w/ 1/4” phone plug (black) 24” x 36”


Long Floor Mat w/ 1/4” phone plug (grey) 24” x 48”


Nurse’s Station Central Monitor Unit


Wireless Transmitter


Wireless Alarm Light (Optional)

 Wireless Floor Mat Features: 

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Affordable Price
  • Heavy-Duty moisture sealed vinyl
  • Alarms outside of the room – not disruptive to the other residents
  • Adjustable Volume
  • ”Extra Long” mat available for bedside use
  • Can be used with a Nurse Call System
  • Optional in Room Alarm
  • Optional Wireless Alarm Light
  • Floor Mats have a One Year Warranty  (6 Month Warranty Available) 

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