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SmartCareGiver TL2100R3 is the 3rd upgrade to this fine well made monitor.  you can not find a monitor for less with this function.

SmartCareGiver Monitors Gone Green, TL2100ER3

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Retail Price: $ 76.95
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SmartCareGiver New Green Monitors
SmartCareGiver has gone green to coincide with the Spring release of our new technology: Pad Lost.  It is patented and only available on the following monitors here: TL2100ER3, TL2100SER3, TL2100V, TL2100CP-R3 and TL2100GU-R2 for the cordless monitored pads.
The patented Pad Lost feature on our monitors recognizes every instance that a pad is not plugged in and indicates if the pad ever becomes disconnected from the monitor.

The TamperProof™ mode, when used with the patented Caregiver Key™, allows only the caregiver to control who silences an alarm. Updated to use 3 each AAA batteries for extended battery life.

The status light gives the caregiver a quick, visual indication that the monitor is operational. Updated to use 3 each AAA batteries for extended battery life.

These functions have been added to our monitors at no extra cost to help caregivers monitor patients.

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