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SmartCareGiver smart pad and monitor are wired and are used on both beds and chairs.

SmartCareGiver Smart Pad monitor system, TL-2100CP

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SmartCareGiver TL-2100CP
Patented Change Pad Indicator™ Fall Monitor – Eliminate F-Tags!


Be F-Tag compliant! TL-2100CP Fall Monitor informs you when sensor pads are out of warranty.

No more changing date on sensor pads.

Fall Prevention  Monitor can be placed at the bedside or wheelchair, connected to a corded sensor pad. The sensor pad is placed under the resident. When the resident gets up and pressure is removed from the pad, monitor will sound alerting the caregiver.  

When connected to a timed pad, the monitor will keep track of the life of the pad and alert the  caregivers . 

 FallGuard™ Change Pad Indicator Monitor ("Change Pad" feature works when used with a Timed sensor pad )with safety auto-reset, status light, low battery and pad lostalerts, caregiver key, nurse call port, adjustable tone, volume and delay, protective cover and strap - 1 year warranty. 

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