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SmartCareGiver unbreakable pull string monitor.  if you use thes for a while many pulls actuall drop the monitor.  Making it unbreakable makes it last longer.

SmartCareGiver TL-2000 Unbreakable Pull String Monitor, now with 2 year warranty for the SmartCareGiver

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Retail Price: $ 54.95
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Unbreakable Magnetic Monitor for Chair or Bed

SmartCareGiver TL-2000
The best made, American made magnet monitor.

Comes with a 2 year Manufacturers Warranty

A garment clip connects your patient to the alarm with an adjustable cord (included). The exclusive Rare Earth Magnet produces 10X more magnetic force which greatly reduces false alarms. Easy to install for bed and wheelchair monitoring, the Unbreakable Monitor can be dropped, thrown or stepped on.  It will not break. 

Or choose the TL-3000 from our drop down menu, also unbreakable with a two year warranty and adjustable tone (3 tones), and volume. Alos includes alarm silence, low battery indicator, locking clip to avoid patient tampering and wheelchair mounting clip. 

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