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The SmartCareGiver TL2100P monitor with change pad indicator system is a great help to the busy caregiver.

SmartCareGiver TL-2100 CP Monitor system with change pad indicator system

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TL-2100CP – FallGuard® Change Pad Indicator (patent pending) Fall Protection & Mobility Monitor. 

Summary of device

Change Pad Indicator (patent pending) – No more Dating Pads! Helps Avoid F-Tags!!

The NEW Change Pad Indicator™ Monitor alerts the caregiver when a Smart Timed™ pressure pad has expired. The federal government requires care facilities to only use pressure pads that are within their warranty period. Generally, caregivers write the date of purchase on the pad with a marker.  They then have to continually check the dates on all the pads in their facility and keep up with which pads need to be changed and when. The Change Pad Indicator™ Monitor, when used with a Smart Timed™ pressure pad, will keep track of the age of the pad and will indicate (with a light and a sound) when the pad has expired.  This is a tremendous help to caregivers because government inspectors will write up facilities (giving them “F-Tags”) if pressure pads in use are past their warranties.  The Smart Timed™ pressure pads for bed or chair function like normal pressure pads, but the monitor will alert the caregiver when it is time to change the pads. Starting 2 weeks before the pad expires, the “Change Pad” light will blink and the alarm will beep to indicate that the pad’s warranty is almost expired. During this 2 week period, the caregiver can reset (silence) the alarm and then the alarm and light will activate again 24 hours later.  2 weeks later, when the pad has actually expired, the light will stay on and the monitor will alarm, but the caregiver will be unable to silence it.  Smart Timed™ pads will work with other monitors, but only the TL-2100CP monitor features a “change pad” indicator.  The monitor will also operate with floor mats, seatbelts, and non-Timed™ pressure pads without illuminating the “change pad” light.  

This monitor also features TamperProof™ technology.  This technology is helpful in cases where a caregiver needs to monitor a resident who may try and silence the alarm them self.  When the TamperProof™ technology is enabled (monitor is switched to “Caregiver Key On” – see directions), the only way to silence an alarming monitor is for the Caregiver to pass a magnetic “key” over the red dot on the monitor.  When in TamperProof™ mode, a resident is not able to turn off, reset, or otherwise silence the alarm. 

Safety Auto-Reset™ eliminates the risk of staff leaving the system off by mistake. 

0-2 second delay reduces false alarms by allowing a resident to reposition before the alarm sounds. 

Other features include:   Fully adjustable volume with 3 tone options for monitoring multiple residents, strain relief to prevent cord and plug damage, strap and buckle to allow the monitor to hang on a headboard or chair, and a rubber protective case to prevent damage.  Smart Timed™ pads will work with all TL-2100 series monitors, but change pad function will only work with TL-2100CP monitors.  The monitor will also operate with floor mats and seatbelts without illuminating the change pad light. All options are sold separately including the nurse call cable and the AC adapter.  Takes 9V (transistor radio battery, not included). 

Recommended use with: TB-90R, TB-90W, TB-RI, TB-WI, TC-90, TC-WI, please see the drop down menu.Also use with: pressure pads, seatbelts, floor mats 

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