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the SmartCareGiver TL2100 V voice record-able monitor can put a familiar voice in the room with your loved one.

SmartCareGiver TL-2100V recordable voice monitor with pad systems

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TL-2100V - FallGuard® Fall Protection & Mobility Monitor with Voice Record 
Choose a pad or mat to accompany this
Personalizable monitor from the drop down menu. 

Record a familiar voice to instruct residents when this alarm monitor is triggered.  Using Safety Auto-Reset™ technology, the monitor is always on, eliminating the risk of staff leaving the system off by mistake.  TamperProof™ technology allows only the caregiver to silence an alarming monitor when in the optional caregiver mode. Settable zero to 2 second delay reduces false alarms by allowing a resident to reposition before the alarm sounds.  Other features include a status light that notifies staff when the monitor is operational, pad lost light that notifies staff every time a pad becomes disconnected or stops working, low battery light that notifies staff when the battery needs to be replaced, full range volume control with 3 tone options for monitoring multiple residents, strain relief to prevent cord and plug damage, Nurse Call input plug, adjustable safety release strap with safety buckle, and a protective boot to prevent damage.  One monitor works with any of the following: pressure pad for bed or chair, pressure-sensitive floor mat, or early warning seat belt. 

Use with: pressure pads, early warning seatbelts, pressure-sensitive floor mats 



Residents are comforted when they hear a familiar voice

Pad Lost Light

Indicates to caregiver every time pad becomes disconnected or stops working


Only the caregiver can silence an alarming monitor when it is in “Caregiver Key ON” mode

Reset/Status Button

Blinks when the system is actively working.

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