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The SmartCareGiverTL5102-SYS single user system is popular with those caring for a loved on in their own home.  It is also used in caregiver managed homes

SmartCareGiver TL-5102FM-SYS single user system with floor matt and pager with call button

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SmartCareGiver TL5102FM SYS


Simple to set-up and connect.  Everything you need for a single patient wireless monitor.

The system containes five  products assembled to work wirelessly. Those products are a caregiver pager, a nurse call button, an economy monitor, a black 24" x 48" floor mat and an AC adapter for the monitor.  Multiple systems can be ganged together to reach a single pager, if requested, at the time of order.

System description: This simple,streamlined system comes complete with one Nurse Call Button,one floor mat with a monitor,one Caregiver Pager and an AC adapter.The Caregiver Pager has an audible alarm and is small enough to be carried in the pocket or clipped to a belt.When either the Nurse Call Button is pressed,or the floor mat is stepped on, the Caregiver Pager alarms.Nurse Call Button can be worn around the residents neck or mounted to a headboard and used to call the pager.The floor mat signals an alarm with as ittle as 0.5  lbs of pressure and can be used at bedsides or crucial doorways.Floor mats aremade out of heavy-duty soft vinyl and are moisture sealed for long lasting use.

The pager volume has been measured to be 90 to 95 Decibels.The pager has an alarm or a chime setting.

The TL5102 with Floor Mat and monitor, wireless pager system. 

Initally developed for the Mayo Travelling nurses, this system has the portability and time tested function required for long life and use. Incidentally, 1stSeniorCare's presidents father was a Mayo fellow, a surgeon who distinguished himself with service both domestic and overseas.  We are proud to be able to supply a product that serves the need so professionally.  

The question has been asked " What is the maximum distance between the floor mat transmitter and the pager?" The answer is: "The maximum distance between the floor mat transmitter and the pager for 100% detection is estimated at 150 feet.  This is determined by the construction of the facility primarily.  Wood structures have slightly longer detection distances, metal wall stud structures have less, as this is a wireless product." 

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Download a .pdf flyer with system description here

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