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part of the SmartCareGver System the TL2016R3, alerts you to a rising loved one.

SmartCareGiver TL2016R3 Wireless Transmitter for bedside monitoring.

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TL-2016R3: Wireless Bedside Monitor (Transmitter)

Now packaged in the drop down menu in systems. 

This transmitter sends a wireless signal to the wireless receiver.  This transmitter allows several alarming devices to be wireless, such as bed and chair pressure pads, pressure sensitive floor mats, and early warning seatbelts.  By making these devices wireless, it allows the alarm to go off at the nurse’s station or other desired location without alarming the resident.  This wireless transmitter system allows caregivers to choose how to monitor residents in their facility. The 2016R3 is a full featured in-room fall monitor that works with bed and chair sensor pads, floor mats, chair belts and nurse call buttons, but it can also transmit a wireless signal directly to a caregiver pager – reducing alarm noise in residents’ rooms. Takes 9V battery. 

The wireless monitor should be within 40 feet of the pad for consistent reception.

Use with: pressure pads, pressure-sensitive floor mats, early warning seatbelts or pager

Accessories: AC-02, MB-02,  TL-2016PG, TL-2016NCA 

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