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The SmartCareGiver TL3000 Pull string monitor is easy to use and one of the least expensive on the market. the unconditional warranty is a bonus you can not beat.

SmartCareGiver TL3000 pull string monitor with pause and status lights, Unlimited Lifetime Warranty

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SmartCareGiver TL-3000:

Smart “Easy to Silence” Pull-String Monitor with an Unlimited Lifetime Warranty

If You Break It, We’ll Replace It – Unconditionally! 

The “Easy to Silence” pull-string monitor features a pause button, a status light that allows quick visual check of operation, a safety release that reduces the risk of entanglement and separates with excessive tension, and a locking clip which securely fastens the magnet to clothing.  The monitor automatically rearms when the magnet is replaced, so there is no ON/OFF switch.


The image above shows pause button, status lights and locking clip with safety release. 

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