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SmartCareGiver WC-02 weight sensing fall matt


SmartCareGiver WC-02 weight sensing fall matt

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This weight sensing matt can be paired with several other products from SmartCaregiver

CordLess® Weight-Sensing Fall Mattress 70.5"x29.5"x1.5" (blue) with beveled edge - 90 day warranty.


  • 70.5"x29.5"x1.5", Blue
  • Beveled edge"
  • Breakaway Cord

•  90-Day Warranty.

Compatible with 

Compatible/Use with:  

  • Safety Auto-Reset Monitor (TL-2100S)
  • Change Pad Indicator Monitor (TL-2100CP) *No Timed function.
  • Economy Monitor (TL-2100E)
  • Basic Fall Monitor (TL-2100B)
  • Wireless Fall Monitor (TL-2016R)
  • Dual Pull-String & Bed-Exit Voice Recordable Monitor (TL-3100V) 



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