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The CPAPmax™ pillow CTP15501R

The CPAPmax™ pillow CTP15501R

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Tan, Urethane Foam Pillow, Polyester Cover, Pressure-Free Zones for worry free sleep with CPAP masks.

The CPAPmax™ pillow features a removable center layer for pillow thickness adjustability. Its advanced 2- in-1 design allows patients to choose traditional fiberfill or plush memory foam as a sleeping surface. A highly resilient foam core ensures that the pillow maintains its shape for superb mask accommodation. Additional upgrades include ventilated foam for coolness, a center depression for back sleepers, and a broader facial area for side sleepers. The 2-sided cover features a cool layer of 3-D Mesh fabric, while the other side is infused with a thick layer of fiberfill for a more traditional feel. The CPAPmax™ clinic pillow features a wipe-down cover for use in the sleep center during titration. It can be sanitized between patient uses.

  • Improves CPAP compliance.
  • Increases patient comfort level.
  • Simplifies patient care.
  • Retains reimbursement revenue.
  • Reduces need for follow-up care.
  • Ventilated foam is cool, breathes and reduces perspiration.
  • Ergonomically shaped center cradles your head to improve airway alignment in the back sleeping position.
  • Front edge is shaped to match the natural curves of your neck and shoulder.
  • Improved facial support area provides exceptional comfort for side sleepers.
  • Pressure-free zones prevent interference between the mask and pillow to reduce - mask shifting, leaks and pressure, and improved sleep comfort, CPAP usability and compliance.

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