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The easy lift gurney requires two caregivers but lifts heavier patients


The Easy Lift Transfer Gurney

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Easy Lift Transfer Gurney 4012

 4012 SafetySure Mobility Sheet - with Insert by Mobility Transfer Systems

  • Transfer gurney with plastic insert
  • Assists in moving heavier individuals
  • Better than traditional draw sheets
  • Available in two sizes
  • Can also be used as a positioner

    The Easy Lift Transfer Gurney assists in moving patients from on surface to another. The transfer sling system plastic insert protects the patient when moving from a soft to hard surface. Six cushioned hand grips makes positioning easier and helps reduce caregiver back strain. With the sling system insert removed, the gurney is machine washable. The long length of the Easy Lift makes in ideal for transferring taller patients. Weight capacity 400 lbs. Hand grips and inside of the gurney are red while the outside is blue. Choose the 600 lbs capacity model in the drop down menu.







    Number Hand Grips


    Product Weight

    4 lbs

    Weight Capacity

    400 lbs

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