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The Stand-Aid PTA Power Toileting Aid

The Stand-Aid PTA Power Toileting Aid

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The Stand Aid Toilet Helper

Power Toilet Aid

The Power Toilet Aid is designed to help individuals with muscle limitations due to injury or disease. Many individuals with forms of multiple sclerosis or muscular dystrophy have found the PTA a very valuable tool for maintaining their independence and privacy.  The PTA will simply raise your toilet seat up to 13” above your existing toilet seat height.  It is powered by a 12 V  rechargeable battery and will lif\t up to 400 lbs when fully charged.  The beauty of the PTA is the simplicity of the operational effectiveness.  It attaches to your toilet without modification so professional installation is not needed.  The PTA ships ground by UPS, fully assembled.  The armrests are strong but can flip out of the way with ease for access to a wheelchair or walker. 

Standard PTA

The standard model attaches to your toilet where your toilet seat is attached. You simply remove your toilet seat so that the PTA can be secured to the toilet. Your toilet seat can then be mounted to the PTA frame. When placing an order, measure your toilet height from the floor to
the toilet bowl, not including the seat. Also not if the toilet is elongated or round. This measurement will be needed when you talk to your Stand Aid of Iowa Representative at 1stSeniorCare.

 1stSeniorCare standard order form

Mobile Stand Aid PTA

The Mobile PTA comes with 4 locking caster wheels, a waste container and toilet seat. It works exactly like the standard model except it does not attach to the toilet. It can be used over a toilet by locking the wheels in place.

Additionally, by sliding the waste container under the seat, the PTA can be used as a bedside commode. You will also want to measure your toilet bowl height from the floor prior to pacing an order.  When ordering the PTA, measure height from floor to top of toilet bowl edge without the seat down.

Specifications PTA

Frame width


Distance between Arms



39.75” back height with wheels, raises 13" maximum above toilet

Lift switch on Right armrest

Left arm rest if requested

Weight capacity

400 lbs.

Mobile Options

1)      Does not attach to the toilet

2)      Includes

  1. a)      4 locking casters
  2. b)      Toilet seat
  3. c)      Waste container (slides under the seat) so it can be used as a bedside commode.

3)      Mobile can be used as a lifting bedside commode.The maximum height recommended for the portable is 22" to avoid any tipping accident

1stSeniorCare works to ensure your satisfaction with every purchase. 1stSeniorCare strives to make every purchase the right purchase for our customers. 

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