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TiLite ZRA, The ultimate adjustability for a Titanium wheelchair

TiLite ZRA, The ultimate adjustability for a Titanium wheelchair

Our Price: $ 2,745.00
Retail Price: $ 3,184.50
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The TiLite ZR Rigid Frame (minimal adjustability) and the ZRA (maximum adjustability)

 Price shown for Standard chair with N/C features. Now with free shipping in the USA. 

Every TiLite ZR and ZRa s uniquely modeled using sophisticated cad software and is and made by the TiLite team to each customer ’s exact specifications. The large 1.25” diameter tubing gives the Mono-tube frame superior rigidity with unparalleled vibration dampening. The ZR and ZRA ’s innovative “Z” frame profile effectively reduces user fatigue, ensuring an efficient push stroke every time. In addition to the Z ’s unique mono-tube frame design,TiLite ’s distinctive Tru-Fit components give the chairs a clean, stylized look. 

The TiLite ZR is slightly higher in price.  Please see the dropdown menu above. 

TiLite innovation

  • 1.25 ”Aerospace grade titanium “Mono-tube ” frame.
  • Adjustable (ZRA) or fixed (ZR) “Bullet ” caster housing.
  • “Tru-Fit ” system.
  • “TiShaft ” back release bar. 

Hand Made

Titanium . Ti 3-2.5 seamless aerospace grade Titanium provides

superior vibration dampening, reducing user fatigue and creating

the TiLite super smooth ride. Titanium also reduces fatigue on the

wheelchair, resulting in greater durability and fewer repairs. Titanium is light weight allowing greater endurance for the user through less energy expended to move. 

The Ultimate Experience. The TiLite ZR utilizes fixed or welded-in components

to further improve performance and durability by reducing frame weight

and dimensions to a bare minimum. The ZR offers the experienced

user the ability to dial in every aspect of the chair for the ultimate TiLite


The Ultimate Adjustability. The TiLite ZRA is fully adjustable, making it ideal for

new users or those with changing needs. The chair ’s adjustable bullet

caster housing has a lean, integrated look and provides  15 degrees  of forward

and rearward adjustment. TiLite’s Tru-Fit system makes changing the

center of gravity a snap. By clamping onto the frame instead of bolting through it, this system also dramatically improves durability by reducing

the number of holes n the frame. The Tru-Fit system ’s innovative axle

plate design makes transporting he chair easier because the axle

plate never extends below the camber tube. The ZRA also features the

TiShaft back release bar which eliminates the outdated string used to

fold the backrest on most chairs. The ultimate adjustability. 

Allow yourself to have a custom frame AND adjustable front and rear seat heights and angles. The new Ti Sport Titanium ZRA wheelchair is the best of both worlds. The chair is custom built like the TR, but offers every adjustable feature you might desire. Also, the TiLite Titanium ZRA has been redesigned virtually every component on it. Check out our sleek new angle adjustable casters and hidden footrest clamps. The Tilite ZRA is the next generation Ultimate Ride.

 The number of available customizing options is high.  Please see below for the order form that can be returned to us for a formal quotation.


Frame Type 

Titanium  “Mono-tube ” Rigid 

Frame Style 

ZR Minimal Adjustability ,ZRA Full Adjustability 

Weight Limit

250 lbs. 

Color Anodize Package 

5 Color Options 

Seat width 

12 ” - 20” 

Seat depth 

12 ” - 20” 

Ergonomic Seat (ZR) 

7 Options 

Front Seat height 

16 ” - 21” 

Rear seat Height 

12” -20” 

“TiShaft ” Back release bar 


Center of Gravity 

1”- 6” 


0 degree,2 degree,4 degree,6 degree, 8 degree, 12 degree, 15 degree or 18 degree 

Front Angle 

70 degree,75 degree,80 degree,85 degree or 90 degree 

C Package 

Tapered seat and/or -Front End 

Front Wheels 

16 options 

Rear wheels 

52 0ptions 


9 Options 

Chair Weight*


ZR 10.7 lbs.

ZRA 11.5 lbs. 

Medicare code 



Weights based on 16 ” x 16 ” wheelchairs with all standard

features except rear wheels and wheel locks. Rear wheels

are not included due to the varying weights of the numerous

wheel configurations offered by TiLite. For reference, a pair of

standard 4” rear wheels weighs 7.6 lbs. A pair of standard

wheel locks weighs .99 lbs.


TiLite ZR and ZRA attractive anodized frame colors.

Blue Lagoon, Black, Sapphire,  TiLite Red

Green Apple

1stSeniorCare guarantees your complete satisfaction with every purchase. 1stSeniorCare strives to make every purchase the right purchase for our customers.

If you are unable to download the order form, please call 866-822-7348 and the current form will be emailed or faxed, per your request.

Please call during office hours for assistance with the measurement form by one of our experienced fit experts.

Please click HERE to download the current TiLte Zr ZRA order form.  It can be return FAXed to 866-252-6726 24 Hours. Please include your email address for a formal quote to be sent.


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