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TL-2100B systems

TL-2100B systems

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Retail Price: $ 161.25
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the TL-2100B is a low cost monitor new for 2016 from SmartCareGiver Corp 

The Smart Caregiver TL-2100B Monitor is a Full-Function, Low Cost fall
alarm monitor designed for use with all Smart Caregiver Corded Pads
and Mats. This is a high quality product at a great, everyday value.  Ask about our free trial.  866-822-7348

BBR1-sys is the TL2100B with 10" x 30" bed pad, 1 year warranty

BBW1-sys is the TL2100B with 20" x 30" bed pad 1 year warranty

BB90-SYS is the TL2100B with 10" x 30" 90 day bed pad

BC1-SYS is the TL2100B with PPC-WI 10" x 15" 1 year chair pad

BC-90-SYS  is the TL2100B with PPC90 10" x 15" 90 day chair pad

BLM1-SYS is TL2100B with weight sensing impact landing mat 24" x 71" x 1' with beveled edge

BFM3-SYS is TL2100B with FM-03 24" x 36" black floor mat with safe-T-release cord 1 year warranty

BFM7-SYS is TL2100B with 24" x 48" gray floor mat w/safe-T-release cord, 1 year warranty

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