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The  SmartCareGiver TL5102MP motion sensor can take a beating and still keep working


TL5102MP Motion sensor and One pager (One-to-One system) - 90 day warranty

$ 49.95 $ 60.45
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Have a Quiet Facility without Alarming Monitors TL5102MP 

Motion Sensor to Pager

.. Easy set-up: insert batteries and it’s ready to use

.. Pager fits in a pocket and can be carried by a caregiver

.. Motion sensor can be used bedside or at a doorway to alert the caregiver of a resident’s activities

.. No alarming monitor 

These motion sensor monitors have a detecting

area to report movement within the infrared field.

When positioned along the bedside, the fall monitor

will alarm as the resident attempts to vacate the bed

Infrared is used to avoid distracting light at night.

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