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The TM products supernal is a fine sleeping bed for the discerning sleeper. Even pressure is the key.

TM products

Transfer Master Supernal High Low 2 function Bed Package

Our Price: $ 3,289.00
Retail Price: $ 6,856.00
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This bed is the top of the line model and is specifically design for those individuals who need the features of a hospital bed but don’t want to hospital bed look. The bed is upholstered for comfort and all electronics are concealed. The Supernal Recliner Plus features European style head tilt to cradle pillow, wall hugging features that allow the night stand always to be within reach, head and foot adjustability, illuminated wireless control with emergency power down, low setting for easy transfer in and out of bed.  The soft touch cool form fitting memory foam mattress conforms to the shape of the person who is using it.  The bamboo quilted cover feels silky smooth and the natural properties provide anti-bacterial, deodorizing and is breathable.  Weight capacity on the bed is 400 lbs. and comes in many different sizes. 

The Supernal hi low bed has all the features of the recliner plus model with the following specific capabilities: 10" height adjustment from 22" for the mattress pan. Low bolt on for easy delivery, set-up and storage, Low setting for easy transfer into and out of the bed.  This model has Ascent-Bamboo Fabric

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