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TreadSafe Surface modification for tile and Porcelain, Free Shipping Special

TreadSafe Surface modification for tile and Porcelain, Free Shipping Special

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TreadSafe Porcelain Tub and Tile Treatment Kit
Free Shipping within the US.
Now available to treat larger areas.  Please see the drop down menu.

Slip resistant treatment for enamel and porcelain

Now available in half gallon containers at a discount.  Please see the dropdown menu. One half gallon will treat 150-200 square feet.

Free Shipping!

This Treatment is not effective on

fiberglass or vinyl.


TreadSafe specialize in slip-resistant treatment for tile flooring, showers and enamel/porcelain tubs. The process is unique and unlike most conventional slip-proofing products, this treatment is not a coating that can chip or wear off, but a chemical compound that reacts with the surface of the shower or tub to create a microscopic tread pattern. The treatment increases traction and gives a "gripping effect" to the surface, without changing the look of the surface or compromising the comfort of bathing. In some cases, high gloss finishes are slightly dulled by the treatment but, this is usually slight and not noticeable when the whole surface is treated.

We have been excited that TreadSafe, which works so well that some call it ‘a miracle’, but have been troubled TreadSafe is not well enough recognized in the hospitality industry. If you are in this hospitality industry, please call us and we will supply testimonies from customers who will tell you of their incredible experience and how happy they are with the slip resistant treatment results achieved with TreadSafe.

The only other items we provide for slip-resistance are mats and adhesive stickers. These items can be a breeding ground for bacteria and although easily transferred from place to place, need to be replaced often. Consider the permanent addition of a slip resistant treatment and the labor savings it would provide. (Can you buy a mat that you need to clean for less than 50 cents a square foot?)

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