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The lexis light is a portable and stable scooter useful for those who have balance issues.

Tzora Classic Portable Power Scooter, Airline approved battery

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The Most Portable Scooter in the Market today! 


Features of the Tzora Classic Power Scooter shown above without the included underseat basket. Known as Lexus Light.

Free HD,  Airline Approved, Tested Battery pack included as well as accessories until all are sold.. 

  • Detach the battery pack and carry it inside for recharging.
  • Quick and powerful, yet safe and stable.
  • Two front wheels work together for improved traction and stability
  • Folds easily and quickly. No need to bend or lift heavy parts.
  • Great for indoors and outdoors. Non-marking and flat free tires.
  •  Ergonomically designed for comfort and functionality.
  •  Two front wheels add stability.
  •  Previously known as the Lexus Light and functionally identical.
  •  Both forward and reverse on front steering handles. 
  •  One motor between the front wheels is simple and easy to use.
  • This scooter is so light when it is easily disassembled it can be loaded into a compact cars trunk.


Lexis light All Colors

Classic Technical Specifications

Overall Length


43 in /108 cm


Overall Width


22 in /57 cm


Overall Height


34" n /86 cm


Folded Dimensions

31" X  22" X 19"inches  / 80 x 57 x 49 cm


Ground Clearance

Seat Type

3.5 in /9 cm

Folding Mobility padded seat with folding backrest and padded armrests

Seat Swivel?



Turning Radius


30 in  / 77 cm


Tire Type


Flat Free Solid Tires


Front Wheel Size (Diam x Width)


10" Outside D x 2" W   (Size:200 x 50)


Rear Wheel Size (Diam x Width)


8"D x  2" W  (Size:200 x 50)

Weight with Batteries


28 Kg  /62 lbs


Weight without Batteries


20 Kg / 44 lbs


Shipping Weight


41 Kg  /91 lbs


Front Frame Weight

9 Kg / 20 lbs.

Rear Frame Weight

13 Kg / 28 lbs

Maximum Speed


7 km/H or 4.5 mph


Load Capacity


115 Kg  / 250 lbs


Climbing Ability


12 º


Driving Range  with Std.Batts.(*)


Up to 8 miles  / 13 km *


Driving Range with Opt.Batts.(*)


N/A *

Recommended Battery (Two reqd.)


12 Ah


Optional Battery  


24 V 2 amp  


Charger Type


Off board , 24 V  2 amp  


Charging Time


6 - 8 hours

Motor (750 kw =1 hp)


200 Watt (Hub brush Motor, quieter)-Front Wheel Drive






Brake System





3 years **

Available Colors





Basket Dimensions


Rear 15” L x 9” W x 4” H

(*)Actual range is determined by user weight ,battery and terrain conditions.

The above data was calculated using a std..weight of 95 Kg (209 lb)on flat smooth surfaces.

Classic Folding Sequence.

Please charge batteries upon receiving your scooter and let us know promptly if there is an issue.  All batteries are load tested prior to shipment, but carry no warranty after received unless we are informed with 48 hours of receiving the product.

** Please see the warranty text Here

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