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Standard lead acid battery pack which is used on our rental easy travel

Tzora-Easy Travel Battery Pack, now available in Lithium Ion in the drop down menu

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Easy Travel Battery
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Standard battery packs are available Now.

Lithium Ion Batteries are now shipping, with smaller size battery cases, the standard lead acid batteries come in the larger case and are heavier. Please see the drop down menu.  Please call for availability 866-822-7348.   These Lithium ion batteries will ship now as they are in stock and weigh 8 lbs in the larger case.  Please see the drop down menu for the Lithium Ion Battery Pack that fits the Tzora scooters. Each Lithium Ion battery is rated at 100W hours or ~32 AH total for the 2 batteries in the lithium ion battery pack.  It is a deep cycle Lithium ion and lasts much longer on a single charge than the standard lead acid battery pack. Moreover it charges faster. Everyone who buys this is impressed with the speed of fully charging and the light weight of the lithium ion battery in its case. Both batteries can be charged on your Tzora scooter if it has the 3 prong connector on the side.

The Lithium Ion Tzora battery case is narrower at 3 and 5/8"  has a 10 AH output, at higher voltage, full charge in 2-3 hours, and 3x's as many charging cycles compared to lead acid batteries.  Higher voltage out equates to more power on hills.

The battery with new case and 12AH batteries. The image is of our battery used for our rental program. It is clearly used and has been in service for 8 years. 

The text on the back of the battery pack is: 

"The warning on the back of the battery case states: To avoid damage to the battery do not place positive (+) and negative (-) terminals in contact with one another. Storage temperature range should be from -4 F to 120 F. Replacement batteries must meet cargo and passenger Aircraft requirements. The technology that used to be for the lithium ion battery that required a different charger is been placed in the battery case when you order the lithium ion battery.  That means that you can use your existing charger for standard batteries with the lithium ion batteries.

Original equipment battery not restricted for passenger or cargo aircraft. IATA article 1924, FAA Title 49 CFR, CAB AirTransport restricted article circular 6D

Tzora Active Systems Non-spillable.

 The battery back shows the round three pin connector and the text on the new Tzora battery pack case. The standard battery is lead acid in the non-spillable case.

The case above is a used case. This case for the standard battery is 4 and 3/4" deep and it is heavier with the standard lead acid batteries inside.

The Lithium Ion battery pack comes now in a smaller, more narrow, lighter total weight in a durable case as the regular lead acid battery pack and uses your standard charger. It weighs 8 lbs. The Lithium ion battery is in the drop down menu.

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