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The Titan from Tzora is a heavy duty scooter that goes pretty fast. and carries a big load.

Tzora Titan four wheel bariatric capacity power scooter Hummer-XL motorized scooter

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The Tzora Hummer-XL is a quality product with great safety features.
Is in stock today and ready to ship! We have been informed that the seat width on the recently arrived hummers is 18", not 22" as previously.

The Tzora hummer is currently  in stock with the next shipment expected in August  2015 for summer shipments.  For the last two shipments only pre-orders have shipped due to the popularity of this power scooter. If you wait until after September 30, 2015 to order, they will all be presold, based on past experience.  We have responded to the demand and have doubled our order for the September 2015 shipment.  Please Call Now 866-822-7348 and we will call you with a shipping cost and send an estimate before the container arrives to notify you.  Caribbean Blue is the most popular and sells out most quickly from each shipment.  Silver stays pretty much in stock all the time.

The Tzora Hummer XL is a 4-wheel terrain power scooter giving it substantially improved stability. This motorized scooter is meant for the long haul. Its design is catered to the more outdoorsy people but is perfect for indoor use as well. The Hummer-XL power scooter easily separates into two pieces making it easier to transport when not in use

The Hummer-XL is equipped with a luxurious 22 Inch Wide Com-Fort-Fit seat with “Memory Foam”. The Com-Fort-Fit seat is standard, meaning you do not pay any more for this option. This seat combined with full suspension systems allows the Hummer-XL motorized scooter to deliver its extremely comfortable ride and the stability to do easy stable transfers. The Hummer-XL was engineered with a four-point seat structure that delivers a profound higher degree of stability than a scooter that has a center seat post to support the seat. The center seat post designed quickly becomes unstable on inclines due to the center of gravity. The Hummer-XL's four-point design gives you 45% more stability on inclines than a scooter that uses a center seat post.

The Hummer XL power scooter comes with large rear basket, folding arms, battery charger and airline approved battery with scooter cover.

 Shown in Silverado Silver with red accents.

Seperates and folds for Easier Storage 

Com-Fort-Fit Seat

The foldable design of the Hummer-XL  power scooter gives you a portable vehicle that will take you anywhere you want to go regardless of the weather or the terrain. Even steep hills and inclines are no problem for the high performance Hummer-XL. With full suspension, large tires and 22" wide memory foam seat the high performance Hummer-XL delivers an amazingly smooth ride. 

Hummer turn signal, one of the safety features. 

Complete Light System

When choosing a Mootorized Scooter safety should be a strong consideration. That is why the engineers that designed the Hummer-XL equipped it with a full light package. Included are right and left turn signals, rear tail lights, front headlight, front running lights and even reveres tail lights. Research shows that mobility scooters with lights are far less likely to be involved in an accident than a mobility scooter without a light package. 

Carrying capacity:

400 lbs

190 kg




139 cm



61 cm



97 cm

Wheel Base


132.08 cm

Folded Dimensions:

Back Section:

24″ x24″ x30″

Front Section:

24″ x24″ x32″

Total weight:

99 lbs

45 kg


Front Frame:

48 lbs

22 kg

Rear Frame:

51 lbs

23 kg

Range up to:

19 miles

30 km


(Battery Airline Friendly)

Seat Width:


56 cm

Seat Depth:


47 cm

Tire Size:


Electronic Brakes:



7.5 Mph

12 kph

Turning Radius:


Incline Stability:

23% Grade

2 x Battery 26 A/h:

21 lbs each

9.5 kg each



 The Three Wheeled Titan Motorized Scooter Folded

Note: the two batteries available have been removed. This scooter arrives with both the on-board charger and the off-board charger.  The car charger, if desired, is in the drop down menu above. 

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