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The Vicair vector cushion free shipping special

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VECTOR with VICAIR® TECHNOLOGY, Sizes from 10" to 24", Stretch-Air Cover, Hook and Loop Bottom

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STRETCH-AIR FABRIC COVER — designed for air transmission and heat reduction. This two-ply, breathable laminate combines a high-stretch lycra top layer, a layer of reticulating foam, and a waterproof, breathable vapor barrier.


  • Stable, maintenance free, adjustable, air cushion.
  • 6 compartments- All adjustable for a custom fit.
  • All sizes come standard with incontinent proof lining.
  • Non skid bottom w/four loop patches and mating adhesive hook.
  • Tapered leg adductors and adjustable leg troughs promote proper leg alignment.
  • Fully adjustable compartments provide custom fit w/maintenance free Air Cells.
  • Rear middle compartment allows deep immersion, keeping the user from sliding forward.
  • Air Cells may be added or removed from medial thigh separator to stabilize user.
  • Elevated side compartments running front to back provide lateral support for pelvis and thighs.
  • AWARD WINNING Vicair® comfort cells adapt to body contours due to free movement of cells. Individual cell deformation provides secondary adaptation to minor body contours.
  • 550 lb. weight capacity.

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