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Winco curtain for privacy can be moved from place to place on provided wheels


Winco 3420 Steel Frame 42" privacy screen with powder coated frame for durbility

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Winco 3420 Single Panel Steel Frame Privacy Screen

The 3420 features a single 42" wide screen made of flame retardant, bacteriostatic, stain resitant 6-mil white vinyl. It has 2" twin wheel casters and a high strength powder coated steel frame. Also includes crutch tips that are easy to install. Store the 3420 in a hall closet with a 44" depth, when not in use.

Avaialble in white and five optional SureChek vinyls:  Fawn, Blush,Mint, Light Blue, and  Dune. Please see the drop down menu for the 317 screen for the SureChek vinyl colors.

Product Specifications-3420

Overall Height:

69" (175cm)

Overall Width:

42" (106.7cm)

Frame Type:

Powder Coated Steel


15 lbs (6.8kg)

Base Size:

27" (68cm) x 20" (50cm)


1 per box


WHY Sure-Chek® Vinyl:

Stain Resistant
Most oils, greases, and contaminants may be wiped off with soap, water or mild cleansers.  Curtains are easily cleaned in place and maintain a fresh look.

Sure-Chek® fabrics are specially formulated with an durable antistatic property,"Anstat®."  It prevents the build-up or retention of electrostatic charges that could interfere with the functioning of sensitive life support equipment.

Odor Resistant
Sure-Chek® fabrics have been treated to resist bacterial odors.  Objectionable organic odors are decreased as a result of the active protection against odor-forming bacterial growth on fabric surfaces.

Sure-Chek® fabrics are incredibly strong, withstanding severe wear and abuse.  Extra strength and tear resistance mean extended curtain life.

Antimicrobial to protect the fabric
A controlled release system continually sends the antimicrobial agent to the fabric surface.  This built-in protection lasts the life of the fabric and is far superior to topical treatments.

Sure-Chek® fabrics offer an attractive selection of contemporary colors with a crisp linen finish.

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