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Winco 529 Convalescent recliner with adjustable back straps and lumber support. Imagine how comfortable this is.


Winco 529S Convalescent Recliner with adjustable back straps and Lumbar support

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Winco 529S Convalescent Recliner

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 Winco's 529S Convalescent Recliner features adjustable elastic back straps and lumbar support. The oversized footrest gives tall patients optimal foot support. It has such standard features as 5" total lock casters in the rear with 5" rigid casters in front, dual non-porous blow molded trays with recessed cup holders, comfortable ergonomic build-in headrest and heavy gauge expanded vinyl.  





Seat Height

22.5" (54.2cm)


Seal Width

25" (63.5cm)

26" (66cm)

Seal Depth

20" (50.8cm)

19" (48.3cm))

Overall Height

49" (124 5cm)

49" (124.5cm

Overall Width*

36.25" (90.1crn)*. .

.36.25" 190.1 cm)

Boa Height Above Seat

31.5" (80cm1 .......

32" (81.3crn)

Overall Length (Upright)

44" (111.8cm) ..

44' (111.8cm)

Overall Length (Reclined)

62" (157.5cm) ..

62" (157.5cm)


112 lbs. (50.8kg). . .

.116 lbs. (52.61cg)

Weight Capacity

450 lbs. (204.1 kg)

450 lbs. (204.1kg )

*Add 9.25" to chair width for each raised side-Table

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 Winco: Winco manufacturing has been making high quality recliner chairs for more than 60 years. Winco’s commitment to quality and to the U.S. work force has made Winco a leader in the industry. Numerous facilities have used Winco products and have come to rely on Winco’s quality and customer service.

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